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Jan 03, 2002- Happy New Year!!Okay the comic still hasn't been updated, rosie needs more time to settle i guess...Waaaah!! i KNOW!Believe me im just as anxious as YOU are to see what happnes next. I mean i did write the thing, but its a whole diffrent ball game seeing how its been interpreted into art. And demmit if rosie aint great at interpreting-in'! ^_^. Plus theirs a lot of cool stuff i wanna add to the site (okay maybe not a LOOOOT)but im waiting till theirs more pages up. Luckily Happy Blue Hell is really only a prequel to Demented Cell. Blah, cute how i forgot to mention that before. Mwehehehe, so i can say that im building tension rather then being a victim of it.

IN OTHER NEWS! I have updated the site some, took out the holiday decore Bleh, were not gonna be one of those sites with christmas stuff all the way till june up and ive also added some other entertaining links. First I Added "Yakkey Moo" My sorry little excuse for an Arcade, it has Pac-man though...and Pac-man is old school dope-fine sexy ^_^. Also i found the Radio Station to my old site, a huge mix tape called "Happy Blue Hell" its got all types of music ,rap,hard rock,regea, i mean a serious mix tape. Only problem is it is a little old i havent had much of a chance to upload some new music, but whatever i'll upload a whole stack full eventually.

Please be aware HBH has some songs that the comic book. Bad words, sex, screamin chick, yah know. Also the Name may change in the future, consider this a beta version.
And Lastly, lil JailBait got a guest appearence on pocket comics. Not bad for a character who hasn't made her debute yet.Check it!

Dec 20, 01-Well good news, i got an e-mail from rosie! She's okay and sell send me the new pages as soon as she finds a scanner >_O. Oh well comic updates are soon coming, in other news im moving some of the pages to geocities...easier to update. Sorry bout the broken link to the gift from Pocketheater, it should work now...keenspace willing ~_~

Dec 13, 01- Oye i've got such a headache...err , man i haven't heard from Koleko at all, all week o_0. She moved from N.Y. to cali to live with her sis, but i dunno i haven't heard yay, nor ney since. I'm guessing something happened with the shipping of her computer ormaybe she hasn't set it up[ or maybe terrorist bikini aliens from Andromeda 5. Either way i'll just hope you guy'll hang on for the comic update patiently.*Grin*
Oh Yeah, Also this Comics gotten its first GIFT! X)) check it out, a cute little video game chibi "Jail Bait"
This Pic is SOOO Dope fine sexy!!

This Pic was made by the creator of Pocket Theater. You Have to go to this kawaii so kawaii! THANX!

Dec 9, 01- Okay i didn't wanna since they haven't been properly done but ive got a new picture for yas! Im sorry the scxanner quility isn't too good and i got a wittle lazy on the back ground but anyway here it is, a little drawing of Heroin doing what she does...fighting her own snowy narcotic enduced demons "Snow Brawl", she's got some bad stockings on too ^_~

Snow Brawl || Snow Brawl uncolored

Dec 06, 01- Today was Actually a Decient day...well worked Sucked. But yah know its *WORK* so what do yah expect >_< . I got 5 CD's for About 35 Bucks though WOOHOOO!! Stained, Limp Bizket (New Old Music), and three Hip hop mix tapes. One of which is my man K-Slay (Nothing like grown men verbally attacking each other and distroying each other in rhymes at the whim of a man who calls himself "Drama King")Yup, Yup, Plus the over time i made was encouraging. Well anyway I updated a Wittle! Still about another week till we get some more comics. I see the Guesbook is down too, doesn't matter...wasn't being used ^_^. But um i may have to get a new one since this ones really sucking right now. Ah well.
P.S. Anyone out their who wants to make me happy this christmas *Cheesy smile* FIND ME THE JEDI MIND TRICK CD!! Damn do you know how hard it is to find a cd by this group, sucks nuts finding underground shit in this pop happy world yah know ^_^ A well. Im gone again till next time!

The Roach in me ear wants to hear you tell me that im O.K...
Track 1:

Happy Blue Hell
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On this first track Brent and Ferris Make bold social observations about the lil super-spandex world they live in. Then they meet A telepathic Dominatrix in a raver club and its all down hill from their my friends...
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Artist: Koleko Vision | Writer: Atari Vision | Editor: Comma Dür

This comic was brought to you by the Letter "F" as in the fine Ladies (and Greg) of Bad Peaches Inc. Please do NOT take ANYTHING from this site without asking, because stealing ain't cool and were both pretty stressed out and could use someone to take it out on. In other words Demented Cell and its Characters and stories are © Bad Peaches Inc, 2001 THANK YOU!